As of today, we have responsibly accepted the seriousness of the situation due to the presence of COVID-19 in European countries and have begun to implement a number of measures to protect our employees as well as our customers. Because health and well-being of employees is crucial for the smooth operation of the system, we have implemented a number of recommended preventive measures, mainly related to the implementation of hygiene measures in business premises that are still operating. Part of the employees, who can, work from home; we have also postponed all business trips, and we only carry out the necessary meetings. Precise and detailed instructions for responsible handling were provided to employees for safe business with customers in the warehouse and to all drivers, who deliver the ordered packages. However, because we want our customers to feel safe when ordering from us, we are constantly monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic and will take additional measures if necessary, in accordance with the instructions of the competent authorities of the countries in which we operate.

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