As of today, we have responsibly accepted the seriousness of the situation due to the presence of COVID-19 in European countries and have begun to implement a number of measures to protect our employees as well as our customers. Because health and well-being of employees is crucial for the smooth operation of the system, we …

Method 5S

In September, we implemented the 5S method in our main warehouse into the production process, which will help us with the systematic arrangement of goods and shipment. This type of arrangement significantly contributes to the accuracy and speed of packaging and shipping.

Automated packaging line

Today, we have successfully launched an automated packaging line for simple packages, with which we can pack orders even more efficiently, functionally and with high quality, and send them to customers as quickly as possible. The Slimpack HS500 packs up to 40,000 products in two shifts.

United Warehouses

In February, we reached an important turning point in the history of our company, as we optimized the logistics process by merging shipping warehouses in Slovakia and Slovenia to one location in Slovenia. The latter will now enable us to work better, increase logistics capacity and ensure even higher quality of production and shipping of …